Monday, May 24, 2010

Support Matthew Burke for Congress and help stop Cap and tax!

I found this great video from the Heritage foundation over at The FreedomPost. This is a blog produced by Matthew Burke. Mr. Burke was the very first follower of this blog and I am honored to have him as one.

I was originally drawn to his blog by a post titled "What ever happened to limited government."
If you are a citizen of the state of Washington I strongly urge you to vote for Matthew Burke. I believe he will go to Washington and work to pull this country BACK to it's founding principles!!

That said please watch the video above. It exposes the truth of "Cap and Trade" that, if enacted in whatever pernicious form it will eventually take, it will kill the economy, kill jobs, and make us all beholden to the entitlement crowd in congress known as Democrats. Once again I call on anyone who reads this and cares about this country to contact their congressman or woman and demand they vote against this Job killing, economy killing piece of nonsense or else be voted out of office.
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