Friday, May 14, 2010


Lt. Col. Allen West is running for election in Florida's District 22. A third-generation military man with a love of God and country, he is an all-around Republican rockstar, and I sincerely hope he waxes the floor with his competition in November.

This man is a true conservative. He's a straight shooter, unafraid to tell the truth and completely unapologetic when it comes to standing up for his principles. I'm sure my husband will forgive me for saying I love this man!

One of the insidious diseases currently eating away at our country is the pressure to be politically correct. I've spent part of my day reading one report after another covering this offensive "monster Mosque" being proposed for construction in the shadow of the former World Trade Center. Quite honestly, I don't see how any American can consider the project anything other than an abomination. I won't say anything else about it (I'd hate to break yet another no-profanity vow), other than this: being politically correct will only get us killed.

Take a few minutes to watch this video, and I think you'll understand why I wish I could cast a vote for Lt. Col. West this fall, and why I think all of us might eventually have the opportunity to vote for him in the future. The beginning of the clip is his answer to a question about the "perversion" of Islam by Jihadists. He doesn't pull any punches, doesn't bat an eye, lays out the cold hard truth clearly and eloquently. This man is a statesman rather than a politician, and electing candidates like him will help us set our country back on the right path.

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