Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Common Sense in Washington?

Fianally! It looks as though someone in Washington has come to their senses and is proposing some common sense legislation on health care. Sen John Thune.

Heres what Mr thune has to say   “Our goal should be more choices and lower costs for individuals, families and small businesses".  source: http:// Healthcarefreedomblog.

Lets break this statement down. Mr. Thune starts this quote by saying we should give individuals more freedom of choice as well as lower health care costs. I like this. The foundation of his argument starts with the individual, and not with the government. Some how a great number of folks in Washington seem to think  that the power, freedom and cost, of healthcare should be controlled by the government.

They think the almighty state knows better than the -"common rabble and masses"- how to solve our problems! Nonsense as Ronald Reagan said "Government Is the problem'

Individuals - and not he government- should, in my opinion, have total and complete control of these issues, not some bureacrat! The great patriots of this country knew the people haad a hell of a lot more common sense than any government. Individual citizens are infinitly better able to make healthcare choices and decisions  than the federal government!

He moves on to talk about "families". Clearly Mr. Thune realises that families are the foundation -and backbone- of our society not government. The nuclear familie is the bedrock of any civilization. Any thing, and I mean any thing, that undermines the family, undermines society, and ultimately our freedom.

Sen. Thune wants to reduce costs for business. This is good. If business's are able to save money on healthcare costs,then they are better able, to afford things like capital improvements to expand, and grow their business, as well as increase worker wages and other benefits, and in the final analysis to make money.

I know,I know, someone out there is saying"those evil busines owners just want fatter profits". Well lets face it folks private business exists to make money. I always ask people like that, "would you work for free", this usually shuts them up. Everyone and every business works to make money.

To learn more about this common sense plan visit the website listed above.
Why does Washington always take something that really isn't broken, just in need of a tune up, and destroy it?

 John Thunes plan finally brings  a dose of intelligence and sense to Washington!
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