Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Kennedy Seat?

Here he is the "Lion of the Senate". O'l Teddy himself. I kind of miss Ted he was a liberal you could love to hate well his politics anyway not the person. Since his passing all the speculation has been if the Dems can retain the :Kennedy seat".

The Kennedy seat?! It drives me nuts every time someone in the liberal media refers to the Senate seat of the people of Massachusetts as the "Kennedy seat"! True it has been occupied by a Kennedy for nearly 60 years or longer. but the seat is the people's seat not the property of one family or political party.

I actually was surprised some one of the Kennedy clan didn't make a run for it. It was my feeling that at least one of them would think they had some hereditary right to it. I bet Ted is spinning in his grave at the prospect of a Republican taking his FORMER seat and quite possibly helping to stop the healthcare bill that Kennedy fought so hard for.

One can only hope that Scott Brown can succeed where so many others have failed and change the "Kennedy seat" into a Massachusetts seat occupied by a Republican!
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