Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New American Revolution

A new American Revolution! That my friends is-what we are witnessing-a revolution akin to the one that swept Ronald Reagan into office.

On Jan 19 2010 Scott Brown became the first conservative elected to a Massachusetts senate seat in so long that a huge chunk of the population cannot remember a time when a Kennedy did not occupy the seat!
This was a stunning and impressive victory with huge implications for the nation. It represents the ongoing, and rapidly growing, disgust with Washington and the outright baloney they are trying to foist on the American people.

Browns victory represents the natural outcome of the town hall and tea party protests of the spring and summer of 2009! Indeed it is a bell weather of things to come for the Democrats and perhaps even some republicans in Congress. The message is clear ignore -and hold in contempt- the people at your own peril.

HA HA! I love it. Pelosi Reid and his highness B. Obama are now stymied in their attempt to cram socialised medicine down the throat of America. Serves theses arrogant s.o.b's right!

I for one am rooting whole heatedly for this new American Revolution and hope to see a whole lot more of the same come fall!!!! Ooh Rah!!!

Just an old school conservative Freedomlover.
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