Thursday, December 15, 2011

We need a Ronald Reagan Conservative for President

Bowed down with the wight of concern
That is how I feel bowed under the burden of concern I have for our nation. The recent events with OWS-as well as-the shannigans of Berry and the Dems in Congress show that this country is on a headlong "progressive" course to European style socialism!

These are perilous times. Our economy remains in shambles,Europe is on the brink of economic collapse,and China is rising, and,yet Berry and his minions dawdle and do nothing but propose more of the socialist nonsense that got us here.

We -the conservative movement-need a candidate with the principles and philosophy of Ronald Reagan. And yet -since Cain was forced out -I see no one,absolutely no one,who fits the Bill.

 Mitt Romney supported socialized,mandated, insurance as Governor. His tax program does not contain any real reform, he seems to be just telling people what he thinks they want to hear,and, in my opinion ,he comes off a little phony. In short he is a prepackaged box of marketed soap!

Ron Paul? one word Crazy!

Rick Santorum: Hah! He doesn't appear to stand a chance at this time.

Bachman: Really solid conservative-as well as Tea Party candidate-but not ready for Prime time.

As for Gingrich. He is nothing more than a Conservative Progressive and he will always favor big government over smaller limited government period.

The rest don't even deserve mention. So where do we go from here? Prayer. It seems that is the only solution left. Pray that God will raise up a person who will stand up for individual freedom, reform taxes,stand for a strong United States,and seek to limit the power and scope of government.

P.S. A short word about Herman Cain. I sincerely wish he would reignite his campaign. I was appalled at the savagery of the coordinated liberal attack against Cain. These women that were trotted out were nothing more than a political assassination team.

Their disingenous claims that they were not politically motivated is hogwash!

Once again America has been robbed by the liberal political/media machine of an opportunity to have a truly great President.
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