Friday, August 20, 2010

The Left owes George Bush and our military an apology

                   (Warning some of the conversation from Maddcow is baloney)
A chapter in American history is drawing to a close-Operation Iraqi Freedom-and the people of Iraq have been given the opportunity to create for themselves a democratic republic. Yet talking heads like Rachael Maddow(I call her Maddcow) still can't bring themselves to admit that -not only was "Iraqi freedom" a success but so too was the "surge" that finally broke the back of the insurgency.

True there is still a lot of random violence on the Iraqi street,but, there is a hell of a lot of that right here in our own country. We don't have ieds going off-yet-there are more people killed in our cities on a given day than in Iraq.

What the M.S.M still cannot accept is that the world is a better place because of this operation. One of the worst tyrants in history-a lunatic on the par with Hitler and Stalin-has been removed not only from power-but literally from this world. A place that potentially could have become an incubator for al-kaida has been shut down and that band of deviant rogues have been forced to take up shop elsewhere.

The brave men and women who have fought the good fight in Iraq deserve better than what they have gotten from the likes of Maddow et al. This war could have been wrapped up sooner if the MSM hadn't become an Alie to the terrorists in Iraq, Through their one sided and twisted coverage of the war during the Bush years they gave aid and comfort to this nation's enemies and-I believe- emboldened the insurgents- as well as giving them fodder for anti-American propaganda.

George Bush-though flawed in domestic policy- stuck to his guns and would not back down. If he had buckled to Maddow and her ilk in the leftist media there would have been a blood bath in Iraq. This isn't even taking into account some of the nonsense spouted by Reid, Pelosi and Obama-as well as -other Democrats!

Yeah the MSM Pelosi, Reid, Obama and all the nattering naysayers of negativism on the left owe George Bush AND our fighting men and women one hell of a big apology!!
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