Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here's images from The Stand Up Arizona event the MSM will never show

(Warning this video contains some explicit language that some may find offensive)

I found this over at The Jimmy Z Show it shows a black man-and great American- by the name of Ted Hayes an activist who supports Arizona's immigration law delivering an impassioned-and I mean impassioned-speech in defense of the Arizona law.

This guy is amazing. There is a point when Mr.Hayes tells these tea party type people that they have moved closer to blacks than blacks have moved to them. He calls out both blacks and Latinos for their own racism.

The main stream media would have us all think that the grassroots movement-which has many faces-called the "Tea Party" movement is racist this video proves that to be a lie. This is about all Americans-whether red,black,white,yellow, or whatever coming together to secure this country against what is-in essence- a foreign invasion.

This is a powerful video and not only is it time for Arizona to stand up,but, all of America to stand up, and , say this is our country and we won't let you take it away!
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