Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beltway Blips disappears with no explanation

Thank you for your interest, but the website you are trying to visit is no longer being supported

That-to my surprise-is what I found as I tried to log on to "Beltway Blips" last night. Beltway Blips a site that aggregated and posted blog posts from around the Internet inexplicably disappeared last night. Just yesterday I read their news letter telling who the top posts were for their site in the month of August but when I tried to login to their site last night this is all I could find.

Anything associated with Ball Hype, Show hype or Daily Radar has simply become nonexistent. I did find a post from the blogger behind the site,Louis Gray, saying he had taken a job with My6sense.

Just an observation. As someone who recently joined Beltway Blips it would have been nice to have been told in the newsletter they were shutting down. For now just consider me confused. As for Beltway Blips it looks like a good site has gone down the drain. I can only imagine that there are a bunch of bloggers scratching their heads this morning
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