Thursday, August 26, 2010

Allen West wins big in Florida primary chalk one up for the Tea party another blow to the MSM

Virtually ignored by the leftist media Allen West candidate for Congress from Florida's 22nd district
won a respectable victory over his opponent Ron Klein in  the Florida Primary Tuesday night. Yet how many people have even heard of him? I first learned of Mr. West from a post on this blog by my co-contributor Movefearlessly.

This simply amazes me. If this guy was a liberal newcomer up against a conservative the MSM would have been all over him. However turns out Mr. West is a conservative candidate-and has been endorsed by the Tea Party-so heaven forbid the left wing media say a word about him.

This is exactly the reason I started blogging. It makes me mad as hell to have those idiots promote themselves as fair and balanced-and I ain't talkin Fox News here- with a straight face.
Consider this quote from MSNBC's "First Read" concerning the Florida Primary...
"The latest movement in Florida: We’re convinced that Florida’s three-way Senate contest will be the most fascinating -- and unpredictable -- Senate race this fall. Here are some of the developments after Tuesday’s primaries: The Meek campaign issued press releases that highlighted Crist previously calling himself a conservative, trying to blunt Crist’s appeal among Democrats… After Meek’s primary victory, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a statement praising Meek’s win, but didn’t name his opponents as it had done after past primaries… And Marco Rubio released his first general-election TV ad, which appeared to be an obvious attempt to gain support beyond his GOP base. Lots of maneuvering by all three sides… By the way, meet Rick Scott, the GOP nominee for governor in Florida, on today's “Daily Rundown.”
Not one word about this fine man not one. I hope this guy wins big in the general election it'll be interesting to see how the MSM try to twist him into being some kind of terrorist,racist, right wing mobster. Be even better to see him get to Washington and have a chance to help put Obama,Reid and Pelosi where they belong,in the unemployment line!!!
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