Saturday, August 8, 2009

An open letter to Nancy Pelosi

Today I wrote an e-mail to Nancy Pelosi taking her to task for referring to right wing protesters as "Violent,angry out of control, carrying swastikas etc, etc. I posted it at

I urge any one who reads this post, and is sick and tired of out of control politicians labeling any one who disagrees with them as Nazis,angry blah, blah, blah to do the same. What follows is my letter to Ms. Pelosi. ,

Dear Ms. Pelosi. I am one of the so called angry, violent extremist wild eyed anti health care protesters. I have never been unruly, violent or tried to attack anyone while protesting. No on in any group I have been with has . However we have been sometimes loud and vocal. That is our right as Americans.

When it was your side organizing anti-Bush protest ,that was “patriotic”. When your side likened Bush and Cheney to Nazis and war criminals they were held up as hero's. But when concerned citizens many from all parties get mad at what you and your fellow extremist left wing crack jobs are doing you describe us Like I just described you!.
You only want “civil debate” when it benefits you.

Ms. Pelosi You Are a Tyrant!.
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