Monday, August 10, 2009

What? A Health Care Commissar!

"Under Lenins Banner We Were, We Will, Be Victorious!

This seems to be the new motto of today's Democrats as well As our President,Vladimir,oops,I mean Barack Hussein Obama. I can't believe the breathtaking number of new bills programs, and government crap, the Liberals in Congress keep bombarding the American People with. I once read that many blogs die rather quickly because their creators ran out of things to talk about.

Not this blogger. I can't even begin to write about all the nonesense and balony this motley crew in Washington keep churning out.

Now according to an article at entitled 'Obama's "Reality Check " website needs one of it's own' We soon may be getting a new "Health Commisioner" to head up a new health care commision mandated by Obama care.

Yes it seems our president- Vladimir-oops I mean- Barack Hussien Obama and his fellow comrades on Capitol hill want to not only want to force employers to "insure their employees or face a fine".They also have aspirations of setting a "Federal Standard of what constitutes an approved health care plan".

We were promised by Vladimir-I mean-Barack that we could keep our healthcare if it suited us. Think again according to standbyliberty.com "a five-year grace period all Erisa [Employee Retirement Income Security Act] insurance offerings will have to win government approval—both by the Department of Labor and a new ‘health choices commissioner’ who will set federal standards for what is an acceptable health plan".

The article also quotes Associated Press ABC news that -"Obama's Rhetoric shouldn't be taken literally- which is it Comrade President can we or can we not keep our present insurance if we like it?
Apparently once again the government has decided that they know better what people and companies need ,want, and should do, better than we the people-whom they evidently hold in high contempt-do.

Actually all the Glorious Comrades in Washington including Barack(Vladimir illich)Obama need a "Reality"check.

Keep protesting. Don't give up the fight and as always cry "Freedom"!
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