Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama's Townhall Meeting

Well the "messiah" has spoken! And yet again he has proven why we should not take his words at face value. What I watched today-and unfortunately I was unable to watch all of it- was political theater at it's highest. (if you don't read all see video at bottom of page) Urgent poll results from NewsMaxx i got this just after original post go to http://polls.newsmax.com/results/obama.html

In what was billed as a speech before a randomly selected audience, with no pre-screening of the questions, Obama once again assured us the Obama care is not socialized medicine. He also said our present insurance would survive. Give Me a Break!

Just last night blogs all over the place,mine included, were telling the story of how nothing much changes with private pay until 5 years after the beginning of this turkey. What the President cleverly omitted was that after that deadline the relationship between the government,insurers, employers,and workers would change radically.

The most obvious thing about this so-called Town hall metting- was the total lack of any, and I mean,any semblance of protest in the audience. However their appeared to be quite a large crowd of detractors outside of the auditorium.

Obama may think he has the public bamboozled, but any one with a brain can see this man wants nothing less than the obliteration of the free market, replaced by something more fascist than any thing else.

To prove my point Mr. Obama began his address by saying that the current system is broken and that we "must build a New Economy". He went on to say the new economy must work for all the people, and not just for some groups of people. Oh yes once again the old class warfare line.

I don't know about you but in spite of,did you get that, in spite of government meddling the current system has served us quite well. It has given us the highest standard of living in history. It has given us more wealth, goods, and services than the mind can imagine. The problem is people are only now beginning to realise just how good we have had, and albeit to a lesser extent, still do have it!

Yes the old system has really made life in the good ol U'S.of A a living hell(tongue in cheek).
I mentioned earlier there seemed to be know sign of protest but for such a presumed balanced or less than preaching to the choir crowd there sure was a lot of mass chanting of "Yes We Can".

But what really was almost farcical was Obama saying that the situation in Canada was "scary" even to him.
Ha! Ha1 Ha1. Then he proceeded to assure America that the House plan would never turn America into another Canada, Britain or France. How stupid can he think we are?!

this is just another slippery slope once Washington gets it foot in the door it will be all down hill from here.

But in what was perhaps the gem of the entire performance was Obama's answer to the WhiteHouse "enemies list I have included thee video of this exchange and let the video say the rest . Keep fighting and don't give up. Freedom will prevail!

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