Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Claire we don't trust Washington!

I almost felt sorry for Claire as she asked this question. She sounded so plaintive, and even appeared on the verge of tears. But I didn't. She signed up for this! Claire the answer to your question is of course we don't trust you, but don't feel bad, we don't trust anyone in Washington.

To quote a famous "Old School Democrat", Claire if you can't stand the Heat get out of the kitchen!

Once again a national Democrat, when faced with REAL opposition, as well as criticism, plays the role of victim! Well Claire come 2010 you and your fellow Democrats are all going to be victims.

The voters are going to kick you folks out on your keesters. That's right keesters!

Now a word to my Republican and Libertarian friends. If you guys don't take absolutely full advantage of this to put the Liberal Democratic, Socialist Party of America to rest, then God Save America.


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