Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to tell the New National Socialists to "Pack up and get out!!"

TPBF found this at another Blogspot blog "Our Lives,Our Fortunes,Our Sacred honor" It's a video produced by Sharp Elbows St Louis.

Seems these intrepid bloggers-and I'm proud to say fellow Missourians-had the moxie to send Russ Carnahan a Representative from Missouri three hundred boxes so he could "pack up and get out"!!

Conservatives rejoice! Our time has come. The "New National Socialists"-A.K.A. the Democratic Party-have revealed themselves for what they are,scheming,lying,kniving,elitist snobs. They hold the average citizen in disdain,and look down their noses at us common peasants.

For much too long they have arrogantly ignored the will of the people. However the people will be heard. Come November third quite a  few of these folks will-God willing-be packing up and getting out of Washington to make room for a new class of Citizen Legislators. The American Revolution lives on!!

Long live Our republic. Long live the Constitution. Long live the United States of America!
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