Monday, October 11, 2010

MTV's phony Obama townhall meeting:Actors wanted

Obama gets book thrown at him. Where is the media coverage on this?
What has American politics come to? It seems that Barack Hussein Obama is so desperate for followers that he has actually turned to Hollywood to provide him with a receptive audience for a scheduled MTV town hall meeting.

The Drudge report had this link this morning to a site called with a job posting seeking actors for....

" PRESIDENT OBAMA TOWN HALL, DC MTV, BET, and CMT (prods.) are casting the audience for A Conversation with President Obama, a town hall meeting with President Obama."
As of this posting Drudge is showing a link to Jake Tapper's ABC News page titled "Casting Call for Audience of Obama’s MTV Town Hall?"

Is this what it has come to for "O"? Traditionally Presidents have had their party hand out tickets to the general public for this sort of thing, but, not Barack, seems the Prez is so insecure that he has to have the audience vetted ahead of time to make sure no one asks any- what can we say-uncomfortable questions.

Barack Obama is a one term wonder. He is another Jimmy Carter! This guy knows that He and his minions Pelosi and Reid -as well as- a large number of incumbent Democrats have had it come November.

It is truly sad that it has come to this. Having to handpick what amounts to actors to stage a phony "town hall event" in order to prop up his failed socialist policies.

The American people are waking up. They will no longer be hoodwinked by this pretender and his lackeys in the Democratically controlled Congress.

By the way... the pic at the top of this page shows a book being thrown at Obama during a rally in Philadelphia! Where oh where is the MSM on this one?? When W had a shoe thrown at him-by a disgruntled Iraqi- the media was all over it!! However Barack gets a book thrown at him by an American audience and not a word!!

This blogger had to depend on a British news source "Mail Online" for this information. Can anyone say "LAPDOG PRESS"!! That is what the "traditional American Media" has become a lapdog for Obama.

It used to be that the MSM used to claim to be fair and unbiased. I say I prefer "Fair and Balanced".
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