Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vote for Democracy: A new kind of public opinion poll

I stumbled upon this site purely by accident,but,from what I can tell it is so new it hasn't even been indexed by Google yet!

The name of the site is "Vote for Democracy". The stated purpose of the site is...
",Vote for Democracy is an online resource for the public to register their opinions on issues of the day and the political strength of the politicans we expect to carry out those policies"
When I first visited Vote for Democracy the user was required to "register" to vote,but as of this writing,the requirement to register had been waived in order to "increase user participation".

There was also a much longer "about us" section that told that the creator of the site had voted for Obama but was disillusioned with Obama's performance so far. However the author stated that he desired an open bi-partisan participation,and, promised that all polling would be fair. There was also a requirement to declare as either a Democrat or Republican, with, the stipulation that the voter could only switch parties periodically.

Tonight-Dec 14,2010, -I revisited the site and found that-as I have already mentioned-that t the registration requirement was gone,however, when I punched the vote button I still had to pick Democrat or Republican Ballot. I am very intrigued by this site.

It is apparently an attempt at a new kind of public opinion polling. Polling that bypasses the established pollsters,the media, and special interest groups,and instead, goes directly to the American people!

It is the opinion of this blogger that if this new experiment in opinion polling takes off that it may well become an invaluable asset to bloggers,as well as, main stream media types. I would encourage anyone who is conservative-or even liberal for that matter- to be sure and check out  Vote for Democracy and let your opinion be counted.

Oh by the way as of this writing the "Polls are open"!

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