Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My horrible experiance at Facebook

As the picture at the left would imply I don't care for being walked on, abused,or taken advantage of. It also is a symbol of danger to those who would "tread on me"!
Yet that-it seems-is what has happened to me. I have been trad upon by some unknown scumbag who -it seems-has taken over my facebook account.

This situation has gotten me so pi--ed that I can't stand it!! I am currently in the process of trying to get this thing turned around,but, I have also learned a few things.

  1. We are all becoming way to dependent upon this new social medium called :facebook"!
  2. I have always tried to keep personal info at fb to a minimum,but,I see a lot of very smart people putting a lot of stuff out there. Be careful!
  3. Face book makes it kind of hard to get back control of your account-although my own ignorance of the process has made things worse-educate yourself about the process before it happens!!!
  4. Scum who hack into other peoples online stuff should be treated as terrorists!! The authorities should start looking at this sort of stuff accordingly.
As to the last thing on that list Julian Assange is no damn hero the bastard is a terrorist scum and deserves to be shot!! That's about how I feel toward the ass---e who has f'd up my facebook

Well just getting that off my chest helps. To any of my friends from facebook who may be wondering where I have gone I hope to be back soon!

Back to the symbol of danger to those who would tread on others. I doubt I will ever know who compromised my facebook,but,if I ever do heaven help me if  I could beat the individual with a truncheon I would!!
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