Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A tribute to Neda Agha Soltan

The whole world now knows the story of Neda Aghan Solta, the 16 year old Iranian girl, shot down by the Revolutionary Thugs of Iran. Words cannot express how much this sad story makes my blood boil! Finally, today, Our President finally expressed "outrage, as well as ,"the outrage of the world, over how the Iranian thugs have been treating their people.

The death of this young woman is a reminder of the terrible price of freedom.

Thomas Jefferson said"The tree of liberty is watered with the blood of Patriots".

I fear many Americans have forgotten these timeless truths, and are all to willing, to trade freedom, for false prosperity, and the notion that government can give them lots, and lots, of something for nothing. I single out Democrats in particular, and liberals in general. They have taken our freedoms for granted, and even actively work, to undermine those freedoms.

In tribute to this young woman I reprint a posting from

by Tina Ehrami21-Jun-2009 Her name was Neda, she was only 16She was a young girl who got caught in between a bullet and her flesh and some place serene And now Iran will never be as it’s been
Her name was Neda and she wanted to show That fear of death wouldn’t keep her below And now all of you will come to know How far Iran’s people are willing to go
She’d been shouting and running, days on end She didn’t go to school or work, days on end She called out for justice, days on end But in the end for her it was just the end
She did what she could to get back what she lost She wanted her vote back that someone’d tossed But it’s a damn shame that this is what it cost!It’s a damn shame, but if we must, we must
Her name was Neda, she was only 16There was still so much that she should’ve seen But she’d seen enough, even as a teen She was so tired of things as they had been
Her name was Neda and she was taken too soon She was a beautiful child, her parent’s full moon But from now that moon will glow red and maroon So that people will start singing in a different tune
She took that bullet in her heart, for you and for me She wanted a better tomorrow, for you and for me Her name means ‘sign’ and this’s one for you to see That freedom’s worth dying for, so fight to be free!

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