Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The brave people of Iran yearn to be free!

Freedom! is it possible to say the word enough. Freedom! that is what the people of Iran are saying to the world. Freedom! The courageous people of Iran have taken to the street to exercise their natural right to object and protest the way their government is treating them.

The people of Iran are sick and tired of government bureaucrats, dictating every aspect of their lives. The mullahs, and the thugs, have made life in Iran a living hell, and the people are sick and tired of it. I speak only for myself but I strongly believe the majority of Americans feel solidarity with the people of Iran.

A former president said something to the effect that human beings, no matter where they live, regardless of nationality or religion, have a God given desire, to live free.

If you read this today, cry Freedom! It is the natural desire of all people.

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