Saturday, June 27, 2009

House Democrats declare war on America!

"Washington, Jun 27 - The American people deserve to know what’s in the legislation their representatives in Congress are voting on. That was the fundamental principle behind House Republican Leader John Boehner’s (R-OH) hour-long speech on the floor of the House last night, in which he read portions of a 300-plus page amendment Democrats added in the dark of night to Speaker Pelosi’s already 1,200-page national energy tax legislation. The legislation is going to raise electricity prices, increase gasoline prices, and ship American jobs overseas to countries like China and India. It also will be a bureaucratic nightmare overseen by a confusing web of government agencies that will take and redistribute trillions of dollars from family budgets and workers’ payrolls. Following is just a sampling of the national media’s coverage of Boehner’s unprecedented speech – and the House GOP’s stand against the Democrats’ costly, jobs-killing national energy tax..."
Hurrah for John Boehner! I saw his mini filibuster on C-Span. I couldn't believe the garbage that Rep. Boehner was reading from the "stealth" 300 page amendment that the Democrats pushed into the cap an tax bill that they passed last night. If it had been me I would have thrown the thing to the floor, stomped on it, and called It what it is garbage!
This monstrosity seeks to regulate virtually every single aspect of American life. No one or no institution is safe. It has provisions for ascertaining the energy efficiency of every home in America, and then making people reveal what their official government energy rating is before they can sell their house.
As written and passed this bill -if it becomes law- will extend the already too numerous tentacles of the federal government even further into the manufacturing, mining, energy production,and finance sectors of the economy. And that's no where near a complete list of all the areas this thing interferes in.
Whats even worse this abomination, is chock full of new agencies, programs, and expenditures, in order to carry out the provisions of this bill and to achieve the stated goals that Democrats want to achieve. And what are said stated goals? well according to the 300 page Waxman amendment they are as follows. House bill 2454 states the goals are too "To create clean energy jobs, achieve energy Independence, reduce global warming pollution and transition to a clean energy economy."
The truth however is something quite different, as Rep. Boehner pointed out, this bill will "Raise electricity prices, increase gasoline prices, and ship American jobs overseas..." At a time when we are losing our manufacturing base, plants are being closed down, and workers are losing their jobs in droves, this bill adds insult to injury.
At a time when gasoline prices are unaffordably high this is no time to cause them to go even higher just to satisfy the desires of Nancy Pelosi and the democrats.
The American clean energy and security act of 2009, as this bill is so euphemistically named, is in fact a declaration of war on every aspect of our economy and an assault on free market capitalism.
America can ill afford the nonsense and absolute stupidity that this bill will foist upon all of us. I urge anyone who reads this blog to call their senators and tell them you want this "Thing" killed when it gets to the senate.
May God save The United States of America.
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