Friday, August 28, 2009

An All out Assault on Freedom

The Constitution of The United States of America,without a doubt, the most important political document in the history of mankind.

This awesome document places restrictions on the power of government, and guarantees the rights of the people. The founding premise of the Constitution is that the government is designed to serve the people.

However in recent days it seems the government sees "We the people" as the enemy. This is proven by how many of our law makers have called average citizens, with legitimate concerns, such names as ,Nazi's, extremists,angry mobs, right wing mobs and the list goes on.

I think this is because they see the citizenry of this country as an impediment to their blind lust for power and absolute control over the most personal aspects of every day American lives.

What proof do I have for this claim. Well first consider the proposed "Cap and Trade" legislation. I have read key portions of this bill,and to be frank, it scares the hell out of me. This abomination will have government agents in every town and village in this nation, tasked with the job of inspecting and evaluating each and every homeowners energy consumption.

While they are in your home, what else will they be taking inventory of. What kind of books are on the table or bookshelf. Good liberal books,or omg, rightwing extremist trash. Who knows?

Then there is the health care package that has raised such ire in the land. Outraged citizens from both right, left, and center have protested this garbage, and for their trouble they have been labeled everything but"enemies of the state". On second thought they probably have I just missed it.

Then there was Obama's call for people to turn in anti-government agitators to the now infamous Now just another dead link...maybe.

But today comes news that Congress wants to give the President sweeping, and unprecedented power, to shut down the Internet, individual networks, as well as ,private computer systems. Hell maybe even YOUR Computer!!

Taken individually, the intrusions into personal freedom each of these represents is alarming. But taken as a whole they appear to constitute an all out assault on freedom.

This last threat, Obama's ability to shut down, and silence, free speech on the Internet is especially disturbing. The first amendment guarantees freedom of religion, speech,to peaceably assemble, as well as petition the government.

The Internet facilitates, and enables all these Constitutionally protected activities. To give the President carte blanch to suspend these activities, for any reason, or no reason at all, quite frankly is dangerous.

Would we allow the President or government t shut down or control newspapers or magazines. Hell no!!.

Why then should this be allowed when it comes to the Internet? Listen up friends, this isn't a left or right thing. This sort of nonsense strikes at the very heart of our freedom, freedom of speech, and cannot be allowed to stand.

If this goes through, whats next, perhaps one day I, a "right wing extremist" will find I am unable to log onto this blog. Then later that night comes a knock on the door.

Can't happen here? People in Germany and Russia may have thought so at one time. But we know better now don't we?

Folks Freedom is under attack!!!
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