Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Frank. Just Another Arrogant Democrat

Well here we have another example of liberal arrogance. This comes from CNN and the woman on the video evidently is not to happy. She likens some part of ObamaCare to Nazism. This video begins a little after this woman has begun speaking and all you hear at first is this lady asking Frank, as in frankfurter, think about that for a moment, why he supports a Nazi policy.

He then belittles her and takes her to task for having a picture of Obama "defaced" to look like Adolph Hitler. Ya know this kind of burns me. It's alright for these left wing lunatics to call the real people of this country-the people who get up every day and make this nation work- Nazis but it is some form of bigotry or arrogance if the throw it back at them.

For eight years theses lunies compared Bush to Hitler,Obama woops I mean Osama Ben Ladin and all manner of chimpanzee. And the media and lugnuts like Frank made them out to be "Heroes" of labor if you will.

Now Frank says this lady questioning the far far left policies of this Nazi, Communo-Fascist President, is a tribute to the first amendment. Indeed it is Mr. Frank,and I have no doubt you ,and Pelosi, and that limpwristed wimp Reid, would love to shut her, and anyone who disagrees with you up.

Listen up Dems for years you folks have done this and it was just fine. Now people who are a little more conservative than you do it and "OMG it's a crime against humanity. Well in the words of an old song from the sixties "The Times They Are A Changin.

Barney. Better get ready for change You won't like!!
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