Monday, August 17, 2009

Obamacare May Be BadBut Cap and Trade May Be Infinitely Worse

Well it seems the public outcry from voters on health care reform-otherwise known as Obama care- may be showing a chink in the armor of the Democrats- and especially of the Glorious one!

I've been saying for a while now that on this health care monstrosity -if people will keep up the pressure-that we're going to win this one.

However we can't allow the debate over health care to overshadow an equally important piece of legislation that has already passed the house. I'm speaking of the so called "Cap and Trade" bill-or as right wing mobsters such as myself call it-"Cap and Tax" and tax and tax ad nauseum.

Of course I'm referring to the "AMERICAN CLEAN ENERGY AND SECURITY ACT OF 2009".

More like the we -as in Democrat Socialist Party of America-want to put the final nails in the coffin of the American economy act of never should happen.

This thing is like Godzilla roaming the streets of Tokyo destroying everything in it's path. Everything this monster touches will be either destroyed or damaged beyond help.

For homeowners -or that matter anyone who pays an electric bill-this piece of legislation will raise electric prices exponentially. Even Obama admitted this bill would cause a precipitous rise in electrical costs. families may be forced to choose between food or electricity.

I belong to a rural electric cooperative that has warned that this bill could cause brownouts or even outages for it's consumers. The electrical coop I belong to is a member of Touchstone Energy. Touchstone is a Cooperative of cooperatives. They recently scrapped plans for new construction of coal fired plants that would have handled present, and forcasted, increase in demand.

Not only did this cost jobs and revenue to the government, but it also makes all of us more vunerable to wild swings in energy prices.

Then there is the manufacturing and retail side of the equation the Cap and Trade Godzilla will run what little amount of manufacturing we have left in this country off shore and destroy countless small businesses as well as retail store perhaps even chains. America- if this thing becomes law- will never be the same.

We must keep up the pressure on Health care but we must also focus as much rage, anger,and pressure on Congress on Cap and Tax as we have Obama care.


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