Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Can't We Drill Here,Drill Now!

Well, well so our government, presided over by -"The Anointed One"- Barack himself,has chosen to guarantee 2Billion dollars to Brazil to drill for oil. (source Fox News)

Hold on a minute. I can't quite figure this one out. We've been told by his gloriousness that we must switch from oil to electric,solar,and wind power, as well as other alternative sources of energy.

Polosi and Reid are foaming at the mouth to literally outlaw carbon and tax everything carbon related including the breath we exhale, and this regime wants to loan money to Brazil?!!

If this isn't the highest pinnacle of hypocrisy I don't know what is. This nation sets upon, and is surrounded by, some of the largest reserves of oil, coal, coal shale, and natural gas in the world. And yet most of it has been put off limits by the liberal socialistic communo-fascist democrats.

What energy hasn't been put off limits,the libs are burning the midnight oil,no pun intended, trying to figure how to lock up! As a result this country is dangerously dependent upon sources of energy that we have absolutely no control over. Our oil comes from people who hate us and are sworn to our destruction. Wind? Well only God Almighty controls that. Solar,only a fraction of what we can access can actually be turned in to usable energy. As for bio fuels? Those are at the mercy of market conditions, energy supplies and the weather.

Our prez promised to bring us energy Independence. What in the world are we going to do go back to mules and tallow candles? Hell we can't even do that because mules produce methane(a greenhouse gas) and tallow, well it(gasp)produces carbon.

Just more of Obama's lies, and, smoke, and mirrors. What ever happened to drill here drill now? If ever there was a time to drill, dig, grow, capture and utilize ALL OF OUR SOURCES OF ENERGY it's now!

Don't let up, demand Freedom . Freedom from arrogant politicians, freedom from stupid regulations and freedom from socialism.

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