Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why can't we drill here drill now revisited

Once again the price of gasoline has risen above $3.00 per gallon,and yet,the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama is dragging it's feet in resuming exploration for oil in the Gulf of Mexico -as well as other areas of this country-to the detriment of us all.

Meanwhile as turmoil continues in the Middle East our addiction to foreign oil is becoming a national security nightmare. What happens if  Saudi Arabia is the next domino to fall to the wave of unrest that is sweeping the Arab world?

This country could be brought to a standstill very quickly and the recent economic unpleasantness could be dwarfed by the  calamity that could befall us if the lifeblood of western civilization is cutoff!

No matter what your politics on the matter of oil is,the fact remains, that oil powers our world. Yet this country sets on vast reserves that have been put off by limits by enviro-nazis and their partners in crime the Democratic Party!!

Still this is only part of the bigger picture. This country also has unbelievable amounts of coal,shale,coal sands etc that could be tapped to power this country-but in the name of the global warming myth-these vast reserves have been and are being -put off limits.

At the same time conservatives rail against subsidies for ethanol and bio-fuels but at least every time a person buys a dollars worth of ethanol or bio diesel that dollar stays here to support American farmers rather than fund Islamic killers who thirst for our blood!!

It's time to WAKE UP AMERICA!!! We have enough of our own energy to fuel this nation!! We MUST start doing every thing we can RIGHT NOW to develop all our energy options,oil,coal,natural gas, bio fuels,solar wind,any source we can exploit in order to sever the umbilical cord of dependence that connects us to a place and a group of people who regularly call for our death!

As much as I wistfully hope that the calls for democracy and freedom in the middle east will actually produce good fruit,I fear that what is going to happen,is the rise of an Islamic extremist empire that will become a grave threat to this nation.

It is high time for a Declaration of Energy Independence. We can no longer afford to be held captive in our addiction to middle eastern oil!

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