Thursday, March 10, 2011

Australian P.M addresses Congress gives rousing pro-American speech

Yesterday March 9,2011 Australia's prime Minister Julia Gillard gave,what can only be called, a rousing pro-American speech to a joint session of Congress. What a breath of fresh air this speech is. For once here is a world leader saying good things about America. In fact Ms. Gillard spoke more highly of these United States than I can ever recall hearing our own President speak of this nation!

No apology tour here instead the Prime minister started her speech recalling how she watched the landing of our astronauts on the moon and how she thought "America can do anything" in fact she reiterates later in the speech her belief that "America still can do anything".

This woman was more of a cheerleader-in this speech- than our own President was in his most recent State of the Union address. However she doesn't stop there she continued on by saying that it was America who freed the world during WWII and that our values of "Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness' have been an inspiration and a model for people who yearn for,and,love freedom the world over.

Then she asserts that America has a true ally down under in Australia. In fact again and again she reinforces the fact that there is a truly special bond between the Australian and American people and that Australia will always stand by,and with, America.

For my part of all the other English speaking people of the world I feel the Aussies are probably most like us and I feel a true kinship with them. I don't know what this womans politics are whether she be conservative or liberal, but I like her statement that "real mates talk  straight" and that Australians say what they mean and mean what they say! Would that more of our own politicians would speak so plainly!

As I watched this video I began to get a lump in my throat ,and noticed that Boehner was getting choked up, I could definitely sympathize with him, it is just so refreshing to here someone from another country sing the praises of this great land we call America. In fact as I watched I was proud of our Australian friends America is indeed lucky to have such a stalwart Allie as we do in the Australian people Long live America,long live Australia, and may God bless both our peoples!
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