Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shirley Sherrod was given a raw deal by the Obama administration

I have to admit I came a little late to this story. I had heard something about it yesterday,but, I was busy with other things and didn't check it out. I'm always a little Leary of jumping on "She's a racist/he's a racist" bandwagons anyway. That said I was watching the Today show this morning when they headlined this story. It rapidly became apparent that something had gone terribly wrong with this particular case of "she's a racist"

Matt Lauer gave out information about being able to see the full video of what Shirley Sherrod had said over at the NAACP website, so, I hustled to my computer and brought it up, what I saw and heard appalled me, clearly this woman had been railroaded by someone!!

Matt quickly started blaming Fox News, and, Brietbart for peddling"garbage" but,I thought. who did the firing? IT was the Secretary of agricultur, whith I might add, the tacit approval of Barack Obama himself!

Why were these two so quick to condemn this woman without making a thorough check of the facts? If this wasn't bad enough the NAACP had turned viciously on one of there own .and, had hastened to throw her under the bus. They had to in order -in the judgement I feel they made at the time- to save face after they had just been giving the Tea Party hell for alleged racism in their ranks, as well as, views.

I hardly agree with Shirley Sherrod on many of her political points- she is an advocate of class warfare in my opinion, and most definitely a left leaning socialistic democrat, but I have watched the full video(posted above) and applaud her for recognizing her own racism and repenting and turning from it. No this woman was given a very very raw deal by the Obama Administration.

She deserves a personal apology from The President, Secretary of Ag, and the head of the NAACP.
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