Sunday, July 18, 2010

BP finally gets it right! Oil Cap Holding in the Gulf!!

This is a very, very welcome sight! It appears as though British Petroleum's cap of the Gulf gusher is going to hold.

Now the next step is-according to reports-to kill the well. This is to be done by boring into the pipe that is channeling the oil up to the cap. This worries me though-it seems to me- that they will have to relieve some of the pressure when this is done. or , risk another blowout!

At this point I don't envy BP one bit -if after having sealed this monster-they have another blowout during the bottom kill process- what then?

I sometimes may be quick to criticise,but, I'm also quite willing to give praise for a job well done. True after the first cap was taken off there was quite a large release of oil into the Gulf,but, and this is a big one,by God this time they got her shut down- and for this they deserve praise-I say well done to all the people involved in getting this cap in place!! You folks-the ones who have bled, sweated, and done the tough work, from engineers to laborers deserve a big job done well round of applause.

Now all that remains is to seal the deal, get this thing killed, and get this badly needed oil into proper production. Meantime we need to do everything in our power to make sure this doesn't happen again. As I said in an earlier post we need to look at everything from  BOP's to surface collection of spilled oil and make sure if this does happen we are better prepared to deal with it. America needs the energy from the Gulf.
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