Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hypocritical N.A.A.C.P seeks to capitolize on Sherrod mistake

In what can only be called a brazen move the NAACP is seeking to capitalize on it's shameful railroading of Shirley Sherrod! That's right the organization that showed how quick they are to eat their own is now attempting to gain support for their anti-tea party vendetta by asking people who visit their full length video of Shirley Sherrod to take their "Pledge against hate"

After signing their pledge they want people to share their propaganda on their Facebook page. The Audacity of this move astonishes me. Within just a day of crucifying-arguably- one of their most ardent supporters the man who stuck the proverbial knife in her back Benjamin Jealous and the NAACP is trying to whip up anti-tea party hysteria. Once again the lefts old tactic of demonize, and ,vilify any one or any thing that dare disagree with them can be seen in full swing.

As it stands now I believe their unreasoning hatred of the Tea Parties is going to cost them dearly in their desperate attempt to tar and feather the Tea Party people as "racists" they are wagging the finger of shame not only at whites,but, also blacks and Hispanics. Several speakers at tea party, and tea party like events -such as Fair Tax rallies- are black and even crack jokes about how according to the NAACP they should be afraid of being lynched.

No in their "rush to judgement" of Ms. Sherrod-as well as- the Tea Party movement that have showed hypocrisy in not following their own advice not to be prejudice from the blogger's point of view they have out lived their usefulness.
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