Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gun control doesn't stop murder rampage in England

"SEASCALE, England (AP) - A taxi driver drove his vehicle on a shooting spree across a tranquil stretch of northwest England on Wednesday, methodically killing 12 people and wounding 25 others before turning the gun on himself, officials said. The rampage in the county of Cumbria was Britain's deadliest mass shooting since 1996 and it jolted a country where handguns are banned and multiple shootings rare."

Whenever I read one of these stories of someone going ballistic and using a gun to kill a bunch of people I am reminded of the folly of gun control.

According to the Heartland institute  there are more than 20,000 federal,state, and local laws on the books concerning gun control and even as I write this someone somewhere is drafting another one. When oh when will gun control advocates learn that guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Without the aid of a human being a gun is -for the most part- incapable of doing anything beyond gathering dust. No what the real problem is a problem of the human spirit. People use guns to kill people because they are either criminals such as rapists, thieves, or unhinged lunatics.

In the case above of the man in England it is obvious that for some reason this guy went off his rocker and went on a senseless spree of mayhem and death. No amount of law or gun control would have stopped it. If this guy couldn't have gotten a gun he would have used something else-take for example some of the recent violence in China where nuts have used knives to kill the innocent- clearly gun control measures don't work.

If you read this take the time to check out this article from the Heartland institute titled "Taking Aim at Gun Control". I think you will find it quite informative. The founders of this country- in their wisdom- enshrined the right to have and bear arms in the Constitution. They knew that the best deterrent to crime and violence was for the honest citizen to be able to use a gun to defend himself from criminals, enemies, and an out of control government if need be!

If some of the good folks of England had been armed where this atrocity took place this lunatic might have been stopped before he killed and maimed so many people.
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