Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Al Qaida Criminal Mustafa Al Yazid Dead!

Is it just me or do these terrorist leaders look like crazed characters from some B grade spy movie?Actually this guy just looks plain old crazy with a capital C! By now you've probably already heard the news that Mustafa Al Yazid -Al Qaida's number three man is dead.

It's sad that because he became so sick and twisted he had to be killed-and if you doubt the sick and twisted part look again at the picture-but if you want to play with fire you are bound to get burned.
Thats exactly what happened to this coward-and unfortunately I suspect his children-were burned by a missle most fittingly called HellFire. This man, Osama bin Laden, and all their motley crew deserve the fires of hell. By all accounts this man has been one of the top planners of the senseless atrocities that Al Qaida have committed all over the world.

Bin Laden ,Al Yazid and company have been responsible for the deaths of of thousands of men, women and children. I recall that after 911 George Bush, doing something no other president had ever carried through with, declared war on theses terrorist scum and swore that they would be brought to justice,.
Well in my opinion if Mustafa here has actually been killed by a HellFire missle then justice has been done.

A part of me is always saddened by the death of anyone, and this guy is no exception. Here is a life totally wasted in the pursuit of blood and killing. It saddens me but at the same time I say good riddance the world has become a small bit better to be rid of this defective psychopath.

Hopefully bin Laden and whoever is left is starting to know terror the way so many of Al Qaida's victims have experienced it ,and God willing, he will soon meet his maker also!
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