Friday, November 27, 2009

Ronald Reagan knew how special America is.

Yes Ronald Wilson Reagan had an acute awareness of just how special America is. America is an anomaly in the course of history. It's a place where anyone can achieve their full potential. Nothing can hold a person back other than their self. Well at least that used to be true.

Now we have a President that constantly apologizes for America rather than extolling her virtues. We have a almost treasonous Congress and President that have more in common with Lenin,Marx and Engels than with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

We have a young populace who more and more do not know the true history of this nation. An increasing number of people who have grown up in an educational system that teaches hatred of America rather than love of country.

Listen well to the words of President Reagan for I fear we are nearing a tipping point where a generation that doesn't appreciate what they have may well vote away their freedom and only too late will realize just how special America really is!

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