Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bringing KSM to America degrades OUR rights as Citizens

Kahlid Shiekh Mohammad! Hah! This guy looks like an overgrown New York City rat-or from where I come from- a grain elevator rat! But I digress.

The Idea of this mutt getting a criminal trial in an American court really smokes my a--! This is-as far as I know-unprecedented in American history. We have never given Constitutional rights to an enemy combatant-unless of course you count Johnny Bin Laden-in our courts of law not even during the civil war when the enemy were Americans.

This brings me to the subject of this post. Amid all the talk, all the chatter, and the river of ink about this case I have yet to hear anyone mention that this degrades the rights-and may even set a negative precedent for-the rights of genuine American citizens.

I liken it to the animal rights debate where we are told extending rights to animals elevates them to a plane closer to -and some would have them on a par- with humans! In reality instead of increasing the value of animal life it degrades the value of human life.

Now to give this animal the rights of an American citizen doesn't show a regard for human rights it shows a disregard for our Constitutional rights. The right we hold as American citizens are supposed to be unique and something that non citizens would want to acquire by becoming citizens themselves and aspiring to make this country better.

Kahlid on the other hand despises this country and wants to destroy it. If an American citizen held his beliefs he could be tried for treason. Add to this all the talk that we're going to get a conviction no matter what! The last time I checked I thought we were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty,and yet we have Eric Holder, as well as the President, saying we all know he's guilty. Well why the hell have a trial in an American court that will make a mockery of our system of justice. Just take the Bas--rd out and shoot him and save us all a lot of money.

I believe this presents a danger to the rights of legitimate citizens by introducing a precedent where a defendant won't get a "Fair Trial" but instead will receive a sham trial. On the other hand if we uphold Constitutional principles this guy may well get off because evidence was obtain illegally and his constitutional rights were violated.

This looks like just another instance of what appears to be President Obama's disdain for this country. Mr President bringing Kahlid Shiekh Mohammad to America will NOT prove to the world what a just country we are it will only degrade OUR rights!!!

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