Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are these the same folks that opposed waterboarding?

In an article intitled "Lefty Indignation" news buster's Jeff Poor relates the story of how Rolling Stone political reporter Matt Taibbi reacted to the now infamous White House party crashers Tareq and Michael Salahi's visit to Mr. Obama's first state dinner.

And I quote:

"Right, right - I think we should bring back public executions or, you know, drawing and quartering, something like that," Taibbi said. "I mean, just, you know, send the message with this kind of thing. I mean, because obviously they're going to get off with some kind of mild fine or, you know, it's going to be talked away. I think they have to do something very serious to these people. Those were pretty good entertainment."

Wow public execution, drawing and quartering? Come on is this guy serious. Sure maybe Tareq and his wife acted improperly-although as I write this today there is a good case to be made that maybe they were invited- does this indiscretion rise to the level of execution, let alone. drawing and quartering? How barbaric is that?!! And whats more he likens this barbaric behaviour -like drawing and quartering- to entertainment!!!

Now last time I checked Rolling Stone Magazine was pretty darned liberal. Weren't these the same people who were having puppies and kittens because we water boarded a real threat like Kahlid Sheihk Mohammad? Now they're willing to subject these poor souls to drawing and quartering. Seems a little extreme to me.

Yes when we made Guantanamo detainees listen to the Bee Gees and Madonna-which I have to admit borders on torture-this was a crime against all humanity!! However if some over zealous supporters of the "Anointed One" dare jump ahead in line to see him they deserve to die!! What a bunch of crazy hypocrites the liberals really are.

All the away around this is just more proof of just how psycho the whole bunch of them are.

Hey libs before you cast stones at conservatives for wanting to be tough on real terrorists, who deserve what they get, maybe you would do well to examine yourselves, and how you think perceived threats to the "Great One" should be handled.

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