Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wake Up America Our Sovereignty Is At Stake

"Under John Major and Tony Blair, Britain gave away power after power. It lost its veto in several areas and was subject to the racket called "qualified majority voting" – a way to ensure the Franco-German alliance carries the day – in others. The result is horrifying. Today, eighty percent of British Laws are actually made in Brussels, and the Mother of Parliaments, home to the Pitts, Palmerston, Salisbury and Churchill, such great champions of British sovereignty, has no power to reject or even amend them. The most hated reforms in Britain today – closure of post offices, the ridiculous Home Information Packs whose costs prevent people selling their homes in this housing crisis, and a reduction in garbage collections to once every fourteen days – all are the result of European directives, made in Brussels"

Wake up America! It's time to heed the words of this self proclaimed English "refugee". In this video Lord Christopher Moncketon explains how Great Britain gradually ceded sovereignty to the European Union.

Post offices being closed, regulation on housing, and changes in trash collection may seem like small things,but, all large problems start small. In a short time our President will be heading to the G 20 Summit. There it is quite likely he will sign a global warming treaty that will provide for a world government,transfer of wealth from the developed nations to the less developed nations, as well as a structure to ensure that rules, laws, and regulations passed by this unelected world government can be enforced.

Watch this video, do some research, and I think you will agree it's time to "Wake Up America Our Sovereignty Is At Stake".

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