Thursday, October 15, 2009

White House reacting to media criticism in a manner similar to Hugo Chavez

How are Anita Dunn and Hugo Chavez similar? Obviously it isn't that Dunn is a man or an actual dictator. What makes theses two similar is their shared paranoia of a free press that can criticize what they do!

Fox News reported in March this chilling statement of Hugo Chavez... " Chavez said that "if it weren't for the attack, the lies, manipulation and the exaggeration" of the private media networks, the Venezuelan government would have the support of at least 80 percent of the population".

Ms. Dunn and the White House have accused Fox News of spreading lies and distortions.

"In recent weeks, the White House has begun using its government blog to directly attack what it called "Fox lies."

This is a sign of insecurity on the part of the White House. Chavez likewise is insecure and rightfully so. He has corrupted Venezuelan democracy.

Liberals in general and the Democrats in particular do not really like free speech. Their idea of free speech is no restrictions for liberal opinion, but if you have a conservative opinion, you are suspect and need to be watched, regulated, or shut down.

Rush Limbaugh's recent trouble with the NFL is proof of this point. Limbaugh was blackballed, by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, because of his conservative beliefs. However they didn't attack him directly on that point, no, instead they characterized him as a racist, and with the assistance of lies and distortions in the liberal media, a new kind of "McCarthyism" shut him out of his bid for the Rams.

Likewise Ms. Dunn and the White House seek to demonize and marginalize Fox by making accusations of lies and distortions-similar language by the way as Chavez used- in order to -in my opinion-silence criticism by Fox News.

No liberals don't like true free speech. It is my opinion that liberals, Democrats, and the current gang in the White House have more in common with Hugo Chavez than with the American people who clearly have found Fox News to be a very credible source for news.

They truly are reacting to criticism in a manner similar to Hugo Chavez.
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