Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Time To Tell Barack Obama To Listen to The Generals

Remember when George Bush was President and all one could hear from the Liberal Democrats was that George Bush should "listen to the generals on the ground"? Now however their silence is deafening in the face of President Obama's glaring indecision on what to do in Afghanistan.

Yes in the Bush era it was imperative that Bush listen to what his professional military commanders were asking for until General Petraus asked for a troop surge. Then OMG! Petraeus became Betrayus.

Obama has been asked by the ranking general on the ground in Afghanistan-General McChrystal-to send in several thousand more troops to fight a resurgent Taliban.

But what does the anointed one do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! While Barack outdoes Jimmy Carter in the art of vacillation more of our American soldiers die for lack of reinforcements. Where is the liberal concern for the lives of our fighting men and women now? What happened to the Cindy Sheehans and the like?

Where is Harry-The War Is Lost -Reid. Calling for an immediate withdrawal of troops?

Today our soldiers are in need of our support. General McChrystal should be given the resources he needs to fight this war ,and, he should receive them immediately.

The great One went to great pains when he was running for President to draw parallels between himself and Abe Lincoln. Lincoln picked his Generals and delegated to them the authority to prosecute the war. If the general didn't get the job done he was replaced.

Lincoln did not try to tell his commanders how to fight all he requested was that they actually fight, and, fight to win!

It's well past time to tell Barack Obama to listen to his Generals. We need to fight to win in Afghanistan or get the hell out!

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