Thursday, October 22, 2009

The New Currency of The Future?

I started out tonight to post about the Federal Reserve's plans to tell banks how they can compensate their employees. During my research I ran across an article telling how Dmitri Medvedev unveiled a new world currency at the G-8 summit.

I was blown away! A world currency? I have heard conspiracy theories for years about one world government and currency etc. etc. So I did a search for "Eurodollars" what I discovered has shaken me to the bone!

This nation is being sold down the river and no one seems to be paying any attention to what is REALLY going on!! The picture at the top of this page is a sample of this proposed "United Future World Currency"! It can be found at

Have I got your attention yet? Well sit down because what I'm going to tell you next is going to rock your world. The stated goal of the United Future World Currency project is as follows...

"the initial aim is to unite the United States of America with the United States of Europe, it will also be open to other Countries".

In my post from Sept. 20th I posted the video of Lord Monketon -formerly of the U.K. warning how the European Union -whose capitol is in Brussels- was dictating to England such minutiae as when the trash would be picked up. Well this garbage about a world currency was initiated in Brussels and Rome-which points to Biblical Prophecy but that's another post-and appears to be part of the process of imposing European Socialism upon us and the rest of the world!

In the late presidential campaign- and even afterward- we have been warned that Barack O. represents an attempt at European style socialism in this country. Mr. Obama even became-as far as I know- the first U.S. presidential candidate to campaign in Europe!

Could Barack be this organizations "Manchurian Candidate" in America? I have heard recently that Medvedev of Russia and Putin may be at odds. Could Medvedev be "their man" in Russia?

I don't know but I'm beginning to wonder if the current economic crisis wasn't somehow manufacture in order to advance the agenda of the Future World Currency Project!

At the web site for this future world currency one can find a tab for their "Manifesto".
Manifesto? Hum seems I've heard that term before. Oh yeah I remember manifesto as in 'Communist Manifesto".

Although being a distinct and different document it is none the less very scary in it's own right. Aside from the stated goal of uniting the United States and Europe it also seeks to indoctrinate their vision into the youth of the world.

Dictators like the Nazis and the Communists always target the "youth" in order to achieve their objectives. I'm going to stop here for now. I will be writing more about this in future posts. I will have to take time to research this and do some more posts.

I strongly urge anyone who reads this to go to ...

and check this out for yourself. I feel that if you love this country you too will be shaken to the bone at the prospect of "The New Currency of The Future".

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