Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chuck Schumer on Limiting Executive Pay!

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I apologize to any coming to view this page. When first created the above video worked. I have tried unsuccessfully to re post it ,but, you can watch the interview at The Meet The Press website.

Chuck Schumer appeared on "Meet The Press" this morning and talked with David Gregory about the Feds move to slash executive compensation and bonuses at companies that took "Bail out " money.Then O'l chuck talks about the "average American taxpayer".

Chuck says the taxpayer says I work hard, pay my taxes, and did nothing wrong why should I have to pay for this? Then he goes on to say that taxpayers want theses guys to tighten their belts.

Schumer is right. As an American taxpayer I didn't like the bailout. Yes those companies that took government money ought to tighten their belts and pay back the taxpayer! However I don't like the idea of the government dictating salaries or pay of any kind.

If the fed or -or any other branch of the government- can dictate pay to these guys they can dictate -sooner or later- to all of us!!

So I said to myself "Hey Chuck" are you ready to tighten YOUR belt and take a slash in pay??Congressmen like you are costing me, and all the other over burdened taxpayers, too much money.

In fact - a few years ago - the Heritage Foundation put out a report that claimed our Congress men cost us 6 million a year! That's right six million! Hell theses guys ARE the "evil rich" !
Members of congress are handsomely paid,have better health insurance than anyone in the world, and run around in giant limos,ride in chartered jets,and basically live like lords!!

Meanwhile the American taxpayer is more, and , more becoming a surf. Yes a surf! These guys have a guaranteed income, don't really have to show up for work -Barack Obama spent more time on the campaign trail than in the Illinois senate-they can always just have themselves put down as not present.

They are totally insulated from the effects of their own policies. Meanwhile we live with the consequences of their bad decisions and because of more and more laws,and regulations, become more and more dependant on them.

But that's not enough! No theses power hungry liberal criminals want to control EVERYTHING!
What's happening now is just a "foot in the door" if you will. Once they have set the precedent they will eventually seek to control all companies and regulate everyone's pay! They are literally trying to turn us into subjects!

In fact-if you take this to it's ultimate conclusion - you may well find that they will be telling everyone what kind of job they will do, where they live, as well as what kind of transportation you will be required to use.

Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like communism to me! And not just any kind of Communism, but Soviet style communism.

No until o'l Chuck Schumer is ready to slash his pay, live in the REAL WORLD with the rest of us, and sacrifice with the rest of us, he needs to quit throwing stones!!
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