Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who Should We Prosecute?

In recent day's there has been a lot of talk in the media, as well as, by the administration in Washington about investigating CIA plans to assasinate Bin Laden and other top Al-Queda and Taliban leaders.

Prominent liberal leaders have expressed outrage over Bush administration plans to deploy a secret team of Blackwater personnel to take down Bin Laden.
What a bunch of hypocrites! Liberal members of the Senate and the house have decried the fact that CIA explored the idea of assasinating-though apparently CIA shelved the plans-Bin laden.

Apparently they have developed some form of amnesia. I recall that when Clinton was President there was more than one attempt to kill the terrorist leader. Remember when the cruise missiles arrived in Bin Laden's camp, but Bin Laden escaped just minutes before they arrived.

During George Bush's entire time in office the democrats were constantly asking why Bin Laden hadn't been killed or captured. Time and Time again democrats would appear on the Sunday news shows and demand to know what the Bush administration was trying to do to eliminate Osama.

I always got the feeling they wanted me to think that if they were in power they would do whatever it takes to get rid of this bastard Bin Laden. As well they should.

Here comes the rub. Now the Liberal Democrats are in charge. And what is the focus of their rage? Is it Osama bin Laden and the Leadership of Al-Queda and the Taliban?

No the focus of their rage is the CIA, Bush administration lawyers, and George Bush and Dick Cheney. They want to investigate and Charge anyone connected with any plan to assasinate Islam's premier terrorist.

Is it just me or are their priorities totally screwed up. Apparently they think that Bush's attempts to keep this country safe- and I think Bush was successful in doing so-was more of a threat to this country than the War on terror. Oops I mean "Overseas contingency operations".

The idiots on the left don't-and probably never will-understand the true nature of the foe we are up against. We can say we are not at war with them but that won't change the fact that they ARE at war with us.

So again I ask who SHOULD we prosecute?

In my opinion we should Prosecute a vigorous WAR on terror and do everything in our power-including assasination-to eliminate Osama bin Laden-The Taliban-and any other terrorist or terrorist leaders that get in our way!

Trying to prosecute Bush and company for keeping America safe borders on madness!
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