Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama's approval rating ties Nixon's

According to a recent Gallup Poll for the week ending Aug. 30 2009 President Obama's overall approval rating is currently hovering around 50%.
This puts Obama on par with Richard Nixon's job approval rating going into September in his first term

Those polled gave Obama a 52% approval rating versus a 41% disapproval rating. To me this is a rather stunning turn in the Fortunes of our 44th President.

When elected last year one could argue that President Obama was one of the most popular Presidential candidates-in recent times- having won the election-according to CNN-with nearly 67 million votes compared to John McCain's 58 million.

Consider also that Mr. Obama won the electoral vote by a whopping 365 electoral votes compare to McCain's 173. This gave Obama a comfortable 53 to 46 percent victory over the Arizona Senator.

Obama seems to be falling in favor like a rock. This is stunning given the fact he started his first term in office at 68% approval the only recent President with a higher rating after his first month in office was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

What could be the cause for his rapidly declining favor in opinion polls? I think one word sums it up spending. The people have watched as this President and congress have spent money like drunken sailors with apparently no end in sight.

Americans are disturbed that this horrific increase in spending will have disastrous consequences for this country in the long run.

In another area directly connected to spending the townhall meetings show that a sizable number of Americans reject his health care proposals. And yet Obama keeps pushing a public option and Congress is threatening to pass a public option over the will of the people.

Add to this all the bad publicity from tax evading cabinet appointees and bizarre Czars-that have been exposed as far left radicals- and it is little wonder the American people are becoming skeptical about this President.

Many-like myself- are coming to the conclusion that President Obama borders upon being a Communist-and is at the least- the most far left President we have had to date.

It is my humble opinion that unless this President purges his administration of distasteful radicals, and modifies his support for far left socialist policies, this trend will only continue and Barack Obama-like James Earl Carter- will be a "One Term Wonder".

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