Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Acorn a crooked oak tree?

There's an old saying"from a little acorn a mighty oak tree grows".

Fox news has reported that 11 Acorn workers have been arrested on charges of voter fraud.

This is very interesting news especially if taken in the light of the recent elections in Iran and Afghanistan.

What-you may ask-do Iran and Afghanistan have to do with Acorn? Well in both of the aforementioned cases the elections either were rigged,as in the case of Iran,or fraught with outright fraud as appears to have happened in Afghanistan.

What does this have to do with American elections and Acorn? All over the nation there have been complaints, allegations, and investigations into Acorns role in recent Democratic party victories.

Fox news is reporting "The FBI and state authorities took six people into custody Wednesday as it issued 11 arrest warrants for voter registration fraud in Homestead, Fla., in June 2008."

We all remember the election of 2000 and the contentious battle waged in Florida over vote count and electors.

Allegations of vote fraud are particularly worrisome. Trust in the electoral process is a cornerstone of any Democracy,and in recent years, such allegations seem to have skyrocketed.

Voter confidence in the electoral process was shaken mightily by the 200 Florida spectacle and now it seems that the Democratic Party may have an ally that seems to be perfecting the art of election fraud.

If nonsense like this isn't stopped immediately our nation's elections may become as questionable as those in Iran Afghanistan or some South American banana republic.

People are right to be outraged at such actions, and the Democratic party should denounce and distance themselves from Acorn and any other group charged with election fraud allegations.

Acorn may have started out as a tiny community activism organization but it appears they may be growing into a mighty-crooked oak tree-of the liberal left able to influence elections and alter the history of this nation.

For the sake of freedom we have to get integrity re-established in our electoral process.
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