Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Response to Reality Check Blog at the White House

Here it is my response to the call from the White House for Americans to express what they think about Health care reform.

Although they want people to join their propaganda spin team and endorse their communo-fascist healthcare debacle. I decided to give what I think is the best approach to health care reform.

1. Tort reform. Lawsuits cost consumers billions over time.

2.expand HSA's Health Savings Accounts. Make them tax deductible,and or give a tax credit for contributing.

3.Make it possible for individuals and small businesses to form groups and get the same national rates that huge corporations like Microsoft, Ford Motors ,IBM etc. get

This is a simple common sense solution which Washington cannot accept because it is simple and common sense.

If you read this contact your congress man, and representative and ask them to support John Thune's and Michelle Bachman's common sense proposals for real health reform.

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