Monday, July 6, 2009

North Korean missile demonstration validates U.S. need for more missile defense

As Ronald Reagan once said about Jimmy Carter during a debate "Well there he goes again". Well here goes Kim ill Jong again.

Once more over the July 4 weekend the megalomaniac in Pyongyang-and his thugs in the military- launched another provocative round of missile launches.

As I've said before this lunatic is shooting off missiles like a kid shooting off fireworks on the fourth of July! Whats worse the regime in Pyongyang shot off 5 short range missiles on Thursday capable of reaching anywhere within South Korea,couple this with recent deployments of missiles near the border with the South, and it would appear that Pyongyang is on the path to war.

In addition, the Korean state news agency puts out threats and denunciations of the leader of South Korea on a regular basis. The left say's Kim Ill only does these things for world attention. They liken it to a child acting out. Well in my neck of the woods we generally take spoiled children to the woodshed when they get out of line. Maybe it's time to take this rogue regime to the woodshed so to speak!

This guy will not understand or respect talk, talk, and more talk. The only thing this nut will understand is force. Meanwhile the president and the present congress mull cutting missile defense. This boggles my mind. At a time like this when two member of the - "Axis of Evil" - are working jointly to advance their nuclear and missile programs we certainly don't need to cut back on any of these programs, in fact, if anything they should be getting increased funding.

Bottom line here is that history should have taught us that having a weakened defense will only provoke people and regimes, like Kim Ill, and Iran, to even more provocative acts, and perhaps even acts of aggression against us or our allies. I strongly believe that it may well be time for regime change in Pyongyang and Tehran!

The Freedomlover.

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