Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is this the time to consider cutting missile defense?

According to the Heritage Foundation -that's the frighteningly short time-it would take an I.C.B.M launched from the other side of the world to reach the United states. and if that's not enough of a mind blower they go on to state... "within just one year of such an attack, 70 percent to 90 percent of Americans would be dead from starvation and disease." This would be the effect of the electro-magnetic pulse of a nuclear weapon.

That's according to the article" "What Americans need to know about missile defense:We're not there yet. At heritage .org.

Considering this information, along with the facts that Tehran and Pyongyang are both trying to develop missiles capable of reaching this country, it is a dereliction of duty for the President and Congress to be thinking about cutting missile defense. But that's exactly what our President as well as the liberals in congress are trying to do.

According to Heritage the Obama administration is proposing to cut over "1billion dollars".

Now in the grand scheme of things that sounds like a small amount. But what price would you set on the lives of your family and friends or the city or town you live in.

It seems to me that liberals often have a naive view of the world. Ronald Reagan told us that peace is obtained through strength not weakness. Time and again weakness or the perception of it has lead to military and terrorist attacks.

World War II is a shining example of how weakness on the part of Europe and the United States led to war. Or consider Sept. 11 2001 a perception by -Al-Quada- of American weakness or unwillingness to react to terror led to the deaths of thousands, and still reverberates in Afghanistan and Iraq today.

They also fail to realize that we have Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro to our south. Both theses regimes make no bones about their dislike for us. And Chavez seems to be involved in a one nation arms race to be the strongest power in Central America.

And what happens if one of theses rogue regimes were to hand off to or help Al-Quada airburst a nuclear bomb over the U.S. its possible that most of us would die. the pulse would take out all of our sophisticated electronics and effectively push us back hundreds if not thousands of years.

I don't no about you, but i would rather have more anti-missile defense not less.


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