Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally Health Care Reform We Can Believe In

Finally Health care reform we can believe in!
Michell Bachmann Congresswoman from Minnesota introduced legislation back in January that would make obtaining health insurance for individuals not covered by employers much easier.

For several years now a debate over health care has raged in Washington, as well as ,around the nation. We all can remember "Hillary care" and the controversy surrounding it. Basically it was Clinton's proposal to socialize medicine. Thank God, once this boondoggle was exposed, and the public became outraged,this attempt at socializing medicine went down in flames.

Fast forward to today, under the guise of universal health care, Barack Obama, and his minions in congress, are attempting to resurrect this stinking carcass. Make no mistake, what the President and the Democrats in Congress, are proposing , is nothing less than the same kind of socialistic medicine we see in countries such as France, England,and Canada, to name But a few. Our President would have us join the ranks of the people of these nations waiting in line for care and treatment that most Americans take for granted.

Enter H.R. Bill # 502, introduced in January of this year, would make it possible for uninsured workers to obtain health insurance on their own, provide freedom of choice in health care, and stimulate competition in the health care industry thereby reducing cost for all consumers. It would make it possible for all workers to take control of their own health care destinies, and in time may be able to allow workers to find the insurance that is right ,as well as best, for them, and not whats best for their employers.
I have linked this page to the bill, take time to view it, and I think you will agree , this truly is health care reform we can all believe in!
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