Monday, June 8, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama:Our Glorious Leader

Our Glorious Leader

"Be Mindful of God"
Well once again our glorious leader,Barack Obama, has globe trotted around the world, apologizing for our past actions, apologising for this Nations support for Democracy, as well as trying to woo moderate-if there really are any- Muslims ,as well as, trying to appease the Muslims, who are truly terrorists. Especially of note was his widely reported quote "As the Holy Quran tells us, 'Be conscious of God and speak always the truth."

Turns out this verse has actually been quoted by extreme Muslim clerics to justify Jihad against-"The Infidels"-in other words-us. According to Obama was reading from chapter 9 verse 119 of the Quran, which deals with the theme of not abandoning Muhammad. His is not a verse that calls upon Muslims to be tolerant of others, but rather, actually encourages violence, because all Muslims are instructed by the Koran to heed the words of the so called prophet.This means that if they are to support, and follow Mohammad, they must wage Jihad against the infidel-i.e. anyone who disagrees with their ideas about God, or as they call him ,Allah,. The next Quranic passage continues: "Neither the dwellers of the city, nor the Arabs around them, shall seek to stay behind the messenger of Allah (when he mobilizes for war). Nor shall they give priority to their own affairs over supporting him. This is because they do not suffer any thirst, or any effort, or hunger in the cause of Allah, or take a single step that enrages the disbelievers, or inflict any hardship upon the enemy, without having it written down for them as a credit. Allah never fails to recompense those who work righteousness."

Enraging disbelievers, as well as ,inflicting hardship upon them, is actively encouraged.
Well Obama either stepped in it big time on this one, or -could it be- he was showing solidarity with them. I choose to think that some of his handlers were familiar with the "Be Mindful of God" part, but either were ignorant, or chose to ignore, the rest of this passage in it's context. Or it could be that he was actually trying-in some way- to appease our enemies.

At the very least the President would do better to instruct those in the "
Muslim" world to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
Jesus Christ,First Century A.D.
P.S That was well before Muhammad was born.
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