Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Statue of Ronald Reagan Unveiled in U.S. Capitol

Yesterday A new statue to one of this nations greatest Presidents was unveiled in Washington D.C. What a tribute to an absolutely great man. The news reports said that the creator of the statue even put debris from the Berlin Wall at the base of the statue. How fitting,as Reagan once called for "Mikail Gorbachev to "Tear Down This Wall".

Ronald Wilson Reagan was a man who absolutely loved this nation. He was a Patriot, Statesman, and Leader. At a time when others thought America's best day's were behind her-he echoed the sentiments of Ben Franklin - when he said "The Sun is coming up on America."

The heart of Reagan's politics was a firm belief that individuals could best shape their own destiny - and they could do it best- with as little interference from Government as possible. He was a strong believer in the power of the human spirit to innovate, create, and produce.

Above all else Ronald Reagan was a Patriot. He had an unwavering faith in the beliefs, ideals, and principles, on which this Nation was founded. That all men were of equal value in the eyes of our creator. That every man had a God given right to freedom. And that given free reign there was nothing that free men could not accomplish.

He never apologized for America's actions. Instead -as Cheerleader in Chief- he extolled the virtues of America, and pointed out how , over the course of our history, we had consistently spent large amounts of treasure, as well as blood, to bring freedom to all the peoples of the Earth. What a contrast to our current President , who constantly seems to apologise for you and for me, and, even apologises to the world for our support of democracy.

Yes Ronald Wilson Reagan was a man who believed in the power of the individual, the rightness of Democracy, and the purely American Ideal of a limited government democratically elected by the people.

Ronald Reagan we need you now!
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