Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well well civility didn't last long

Well Well the much talked about "new era of civility" didn't last long and who was it that violated the new atmosphere of kum by yah and holding of hands? Darn sure wasn't a Republican.

No it was a Democrat! In fact one Representative Steve Cohen Democrat from Tennessee fired of a salvo on the floor of the House likening Republicans and critics of Obama care to Nazi's and Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

This is soo typical of these folks. They always talk the talk but they never walk the walk. We have heard so much about how flaming rhetoric from the right are fanning the flames of violence,and, how we have all got to take a deep breath and not call each other names blah blah blah!

Well how about the other side? Do they never have to dial it back? Do the rules of civility and decorum not apply to the nuts on the left?

Here is my wager about this outrage. You will never hear one peep from the leftist media! However if a Republican had said something in the well of the house comparing Dems to Stalinists it would be Katy bar the door.

Seems the hypocrisy of the left never ends!
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